REVOCATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY I, , Declarant, having executed a General Durable Power of Attorney on the day of , 20 , naming my attorney-in-fact/agent, do hereby revoke that Power of Attorney pursuant
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This is a Revocation of the General, Durable Power of Attorney provided for in Forms AZ-P003 and AZ-P003A, which allow you to appoint an attorney-in-fact (agent) to make decisions regarding property, financial, management, banking, business and other matters for you. Specific reference is made to the previously executed power of attorney and the date of its execution.

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This is Patrick Munro financial adviser talking about how do you revoke a power of attorney power of attorney is a legal instrument or document that allows one individual to have inherent rights over another individual for their care and upkeep normally this can be either on a limited basis or a durable long lasting basis the way to revoke a power of attorney if it's on a limited basis is that during that limited period of time one individuals serve their needs over another and therefore that arrangement has come to a finalization there's a simple paper that is signed and that revokes reverts the right back to the original individual and both parties go their separate ways if there is a durable power of attorney and one individual is taking advantage over another and abusing that durable privilege a third party can intervene there can be litigation and it's proven that another person is either stealing from one other person who hit who they have power of attorney over or various other abuses if that's the case the court will grant a right to revoke that power of attorney this is Patrick Munro financial adviser talking about the ways to revoke power of attorney